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Dave has been in the trade since 1982 and is more than likely going to be able to help you with your Needs, Ashmore Plaza has easy parking, we have a great local customer base and are happy to see new customer faces. We have a wide range of products, our shoe repair ability is up there with the best, Our key range is huge and very well priced, For prompt professional service, See us today.
Shoe & bag repairs, house & car keys cut, pins & links adjusted, engraving of jewellery and (as an example) pet tags, sharpening of anything that needs to be sharpened and watch pressure testing is what Dave has been doing for the last38years. An old fashioned cobbler in the best sense of the word. House keys, car keys, watch batteries (also fitted), pet tags (most makes engraving included), garage, gate and car remotes (for most makes), shoe care products, watch bands and more can be found in this gem of a shop. Most Car keys cut & programmed. What more needs be said?Come In And See Dave for prices, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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