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Shoe Repairs


Ladies Stilleto Tips $12.00 a pair
Ladies standard small heels start at $15.00 a pair
Ladies Half Soles $25.00 a pair
Mens standard dress shoe heels $20.00
Mens Half Soles $30.00 a pair

We also do Stitching of all types on shoes , boots and bags.
All types of mending, gluing, patching and a wide range of materials for resoling to suit your needs.
We can fit suedette soles to ballroom dancing shoes,
Sliding Resin soles for pole dancers,
Protective soles for new leather soled shoes,
non slip soles,
Leather soles, etc etc.
If Dave can’t Fix Your Shoes no one can!

Please Bring them in so we can see and quote.

shoe repairs
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